Jen communicating with the locals (pic: Shane Mitchell)

Jen communicating with the locals (pic: Shane Mitchell)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Jungle Jen's White World in Black and Grey

So, While I work steadily through processing all the photos from last week in an effort to get them ready for the station DVD (along with all the other thousands and thousands of photos still yet to be processed- I know I'm prone to exaggeration but this actually may be an underestimation of my task ahead) I thought I would share some of my other photos (other photos?? I've only been here a year..)...

in black



These are some I like. Hope you like them too.

Aurora over L-Sat Radar Dome. Davis Station (c) J.Feast

Me? Making Noise? Neverrrrrr (Photo taken by Shane Mitchell)

I just love her curly whiskers. Cute huh! (Weddell Seal, (C) J.Feast )
Berg. No more needs to be said. (c) J.Feast

Bandit's Icebergs. In this light it makes them look like their sterling silver. I like that. (C) J.Feast

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