Jen communicating with the locals (pic: Shane Mitchell)

Jen communicating with the locals (pic: Shane Mitchell)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jungle Jen beats Procrastination Burden

I put off updating my blog until after Christmas because in my mind not much had been happening in the wonderful world of Jungle Jen “Shipwrecked”. And then all of a sudden it was New Years and it didn’t seem worth blogging about just Christmas. And then after New Year, I got some amazing pictures (I’m getting quite good at blowing my own trumpet, I’ve been rehearsing!) that I wanted to put up. And then I got some more great photos. And then some more. So, I had to go through and chose which photos to upload. And then it started raining, so I focussed atleast part of my attention on what I actually do for a living... And then there was a threat of a cyclone, which didn’t eventuate, followed by another promising low, which also never eventuated... and now its seven weeks into my Willis stint and I’ve just realised two things.

1) Lots has actually happened since I last wrote here and
2) I’m awesome at procrastinating!

I will say something for procrastination though. My room is the cleanest I’ve ever seen it!! You would think someone with so much time and so little to do would actually achieve things. Right?
So its through a combination of weather and extreme procrastination that this blog post finally greets you, much later than expected, bringing you seasons greetings and all that trollop. I don't really mean the season is trollop, I just like the way the word sounds in my head. Trollop. Great word.

So to start where I left off. Post Hermit Crab throwdowns and the ever present socks and sandals saga...

Kevin (the booby) is now in his adolescent phase with very few white feathers left apart from a little white mohawk giving him that adolescent air of defiance and distain for authority (and being woken up early in the morning). It suits him, though it also signifies he is close to flying the nest (ha yes, I've got a whole BOOK of bird puns!), which means I will need to find another friend to harrass at 4:55am as I make my morning wander around the island. It will be a sad day, but one that I'm sure he is looking forward to.

Christmas approached Willis Island rapidly, the weather was calm and the boobies took great pride in doing their business in the balloon launcher making it smell like a fishmongers overalls.

Bonnie Anne joined me on a couple of adventures around the island. For those of you who don’t know Bonnie Anne, she joined my journey on my departure from Melbourne, introduced astride a cake baked by my amazing friends for my Going Away party. She’s cheeky, gutsy and shows an uncanny resemblance to me, which is both kind of creepy and ... well... it’s just kind of creepy actually...

She sure showed the Island Hermits who is boss.

And she emerged triumphant after encountering an enormous sea slug on one of our underwater escapades. What a woman!

Christmas day turned up as one of those priceless Willis Days, little wind, few clouds, and that sticky warmth only the tropics can turn on. The morning involved champagne, cooking and opening presents, much like the mainland, where the main idea of Christmas is to make as much mess as possible, and hope someone will use their season’s goodwill to clean it up for you. Santa didn’t forget Willis this year, I was stoked and surprised that my mates know me so well. Muffin mix and Lego. Best presents ever!

Blink and all of a sudden New Year was upon us. Nick and Felicity set up a big bonfire on the south west end of the beach with driftwood washed ashore from the coral sea and beyond, and after a friendly phone call to inform me of Armageddon taking place in Melbourne (aka, massive thunderstorm of which I was not a part! *sniff*) I joined everyone on the beach to set it alight.

The rest of the crew headed up to bed at about 9pm (LAME!) so I saw the New Year in with a beer by the fire accompanied by Ipod and hermits, and the gentle lapping of the ocean all around. Glorious!
I then retired to the office couch for some zeds before starting work at 2:30am. Short Straw. You’d think a non-drinker would take one for the team right....?

2010 has so far been fantastic. The weather set in a couple of weeks ago providing some spectacular backdrops at sunset.

There have been a few jaunts into the ocean and in Early January I was introduced to my new pet, Radar...

Last week when the weather set in Nick and Felicity caught glimpse of three large (3-4m) Tiger sharks feeding about 60m off shore where I normally snorkel. As a protective kind of soul, I did contemplate taking Bonnie Anne (for protection- she's tough I tell you) to see if Radar was ok, and that the big nasty sharks weren't eating his food, (like my cat does at home, when he teases the other cat so much that she leaves and then he swoops in for the kill... so to speak... gotta say something for the guy, he's persistent!)... but I was convinced that as tough as Bonnie Anne looks, the tiger sharks can be quite persuasive. I did meet one of Radar's friends "Elvis" yesterday who said he was going ok, and I needn't have been worried. Tiger Sharks are ok. They're just misunderstood. A little like Marilyn Manson... but without the makeup... or the bad music...

The big sharks apparently signify that the turtles have started hatching, but due to rain and weather we haven't noticed any tracks just yet. There are still lovely mums coming ashore to deposit their "goods" but I've only seen the ladies in the water, not out. Its nice and warm in there!

So with the slight possibility of another cyclone forming somewhere just north of us in the coral sea (I swear the forecasters think that baiting me is good sport), I leave you with me looking at the sky every three or four minutes to see if there is ANY sign of some fun and games. (they pay me to do it mind, so I'm not complaining!) I continue the morning wanders around my little island paradise, ignoring the taunting emails about isolation, claustrophobia and prison breaks. I have been enjoying lots of time to play guitar, and find more food well past its use by date, and then plot ways of using said food to build an effigy or some sort of weapon against savoury shapes and taunting forecasters, with images of a wizard of OZ style tornado sending it spinning towards Brisbane with Ricky Ponting type accuracy. Yeah.

I did discover a new shade of blue though,

We call it Rockmelon Mould

Could be a good name for a Band hey??