Jen communicating with the locals (pic: Shane Mitchell)

Jen communicating with the locals (pic: Shane Mitchell)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Jungle Jen stepping off the Midwinter Night-Train

Ok so I should blog more.

I think that should become my catch-phrase for this blog. You know, like the ones they used to have on bad seventies sit-coms followed by canned laughter and raucous applause. Except I wouldn't really have the applause.... or laughter... maybe just a knowing groan from my fan base of ... one?...(my mum discovered blogger... Hi Mum!)

Life in Antarctica is... Cold...

So. We passed midwinter. a while back. I jumped in icy water- like literally- there was someone with a scoop net to break the ice that kept forming on the surface of our engineered swimming pool (engineered with a big chainsaw and a crane- go deisos!!). It was... umm.
And then it was dark.
We saw lots of Auroras.
And not many penguins.
And it has been a long long long winter.
But then ....                                                     the sun came back

Oh and I started seriously taking photos. Seriously.

And I think thats actually the reason that I haven't updated this blog, because I've taken so many photos since the ship left in April that I don't know where to start. I have black and whites, icebergs, auroras, icebergs under Auroras...

oh and some amazing emperor penguins- which happen to be the reason I became interested in coming to antarctica at all... (yeah year 8 biology project- and I say I got nothing from highschool!)
I've seen some amazing sights. I've seen crevasse fields and glaciers that take your breath away and remind you that this....

this right here....
This is Antarctica.

So here's a couple of photos to prove that I am here... still... and that I have actually used that ridiculously expensive camera I just HAD to have to come to this place. this. place. wow.

 And to let you know, I'm still alive.... loving life!!

(only five weeks until the ship is due to arrive... best get plenty of photos on here before then huh??)
xxx jjn

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